Calming Colours

My last post spoke about getting my s#!it together by doing little things in my day such as making my bed — this post will speak to my colour scheme strategy.

I have painted my room both at home and in my student house plenty of times. But for years I would not give up the colours princess pink and after that a hot pink – almost red.

Moving to university my residence room was white brick and I had decided instead of my black comforter at home I would go for a lighter look. In my new room I paired the white walls with a green, blue and white comforter and decor. This made a world of change for me, just like making my bed did!

When I moved into my student house in my second year, I set out a design plan. I researched other colour schemes that had proven to give a relaxing/calming affect. The colour scheme I settled on for my room — blue, grey and white. This changed my room tremendously – it felt SO much more bright and tranquil! These colours give such a soothing coolness to the room and keep me much more focused!!

I have learned the following from Colour Affects – Link here!

  • Blue – serenity, soothing, calming, coolness and can help with concentration
  • Grey – Neutrality
  • Violet – Spiritual, higher level of thought,
  • Green – Balance, refreshment, rest, harmony
  • White – Clarity, purity, cleanliness, simplicity

“A Minnesota State University study found that red environments increase stress responses, while green and white environments do not.”

Huffington Post. (2013, April 18). Stress-Reducing Colors: Calming Hues To Decorate Your Home With. Retrieved January 29, 2019, from

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Rhino decor – Marshalls Canada
Defuser – Winners Canada
Plant – Origin Concrete Goods
Headboard – Ikea

Making my bed makes me feel like I have my s#!t together

I have found that being in university and most other walks of life can feel hectic all of the time. Sometimes things never seem to go right – you forget your coffee on the counter at home, you spill on your outfit at lunch or you just can’t seem to get anything but a rude customer that day. While all of these things may seem little, sometimes they just add up to get you down.

One thing I have found that creates happiness for me regardless of any of those situations happening throughout my day, is making my bed. Making my bed used to feel as though it was a chore.

NOW making my bed in the morning makes me feel like I have already started my day off with a fresh and positive kick. It also gives me a productive start to my day because instead of crawling back into my bed to procrastinate with JUST 5 MORE MINUTES, I leave my bed nicely made and start my morning.

It might sound silly – I know! – but coming home at the end of the day after the world tries to get you down, to a nicely made bed feels SO refreshing. Pealing your covers back almost feels as though you are staying in a freshly made hotel bed every night.

Give it a try for at least a week and I can guarantee your life will feel just the tiniest bit more organized and refreshed at the end of the day!