Bullet Journaling

Hello again everyone, its me back again with another way I find helpful to carry out a positive lifestyle. This technique very much involves being reflective and becoming more self-aware.

It is likely you have heard of this journaling technique before but I would love to share more about it with you, Bullet Journaling. Bullet Journaling can be as creative or as simple as you want it to be and can cover so many aspects of life. That is my favourite part about this form of journaling because it is actually fun to partake in and prompts you to reflect on so many things.

What are these so many things you may be wondering? Well Bullet Journals can include a weekly agenda or a monthly calendar that can include anything from “to do” lists or actual journal entries. Bullet journals can also help you track things such as your spending and budgets for the month in a tangible way by creating charts that can track your spending.

It can also be used to track your mood which is very important for checking in on your mental health. These mood charts like I said before can be created as simply or creatively as you would like, some involve a coloured legend and you just have to colour in the box to describe your mood of the day.

Bullet Journals are also great to track your dreams and hobbies, for example I have a list of all the places I have travelled and all of the places I would love to travel. I also included a page which if you are a binge watcher like me is very important.. I have created a page dedicated to a list of every TV series I have watched.

You can also use it for other useful purposes such as making a cleaning log, so you can make a list of what should be done weekly, bi-weekly and monthly for example. ie. Wash bed sheets weekly, clean make-up brushes bi-weekly, monthly dust the house. Another great idea for the journal is a page dedicated to birthdays, so you are never forgetting your mother’s birthday!!

All an all I think Bullet Journals are a great way to test out your creativity and become more self-aware and mindful. I find for myself this technique really helps my anxious feelings because it gives me a creative outlet and I have control over what goes on in my journal. I really hope you give it a try, I reposted Bullet Journal examples and you can find many more prompts shared on my Pinterest if you click here.

Header photo is credited to: justbrightideas.com