Living with Loss

Hi again everyone, this blog primarily focuses on the things I do and enjoy to live a positive life. Unfortunately, a part of life is loss and something I have been experiencing an immense amount of lately. Five months ago I lost my grandfather who has always been my very best friend, and less than a week ago I lost my grandmother.

I know that it is a tough topic to talk about but it is something I am learning to cope with in order to attempt to bounce back and continue living a positive, healthy lifestyle.

I have attended bereavement meetings with the my roommate who is also suffering from loss in her life, and from these meetings and some help of a school counsellor I have learned some coping mechanisms that I would love to share in the case that you are also living with loss..

Often, I find myself distracted when I have very important tasks to achieve – whether it be school or work. I find myself distracted with thoughts of the past with my grandparents or memories that I never want to let go of. A coping mechanism that has really helped me with these thoughts is journaling.

I was taught that when you are distracted by one of these thoughts, to write it down somewhere so you do not let it go — but return to it later. Set out time in your day or week to reflect on these thoughts you are having.

Maybe right down the memory in a journal and expand on those thoughts. This has really helped me to set out a time to cope in a healthy way by not spending my entire day with a feeling of loss. This allows me to spend more meaningful time reflecting on the memories that I love and releasing other feelings.

Another thing I have found to help myself cope is carrying a momento of theirs around with me. One of my hardest parts of living with loss is the feeling that the person I love is all of a sudden not there.

Carrying a momento around with me makes this feeling of sudden loss a little quieter in my life as it makes me feel as though they are with me in some way. For my grandpa, I carry his fingerprint copied onto a medallion, as a necklace.

Although very simple, I hope that one of these pieces of advice may help you in any little way with loss you may have experienced in your life.

It would be my greatest honour to dedicate this post to my lovely grandparents, may you forever rest easy and peacefully. Until I see you again.. Bye for now.
Love always, Alex