Calming Colours

My last post spoke about getting my s#!it together by doing little things in my day such as making my bed — this post will speak to my colour scheme strategy.

I have painted my room both at home and in my student house plenty of times. But for years I would not give up the colours princess pink and after that a hot pink – almost red.

Moving to university my residence room was white brick and I had decided instead of my black comforter at home I would go for a lighter look. In my new room I paired the white walls with a green, blue and white comforter and decor. This made a world of change for me, just like making my bed did!

When I moved into my student house in my second year, I set out a design plan. I researched other colour schemes that had proven to give a relaxing/calming affect. The colour scheme I settled on for my room — blue, grey and white. This changed my room tremendously – it felt SO much more bright and tranquil! These colours give such a soothing coolness to the room and keep me much more focused!!

I have learned the following from Colour Affects – Link here!

  • Blue – serenity, soothing, calming, coolness and can help with concentration
  • Grey – Neutrality
  • Violet – Spiritual, higher level of thought,
  • Green – Balance, refreshment, rest, harmony
  • White – Clarity, purity, cleanliness, simplicity

“A Minnesota State University study found that red environments increase stress responses, while green and white environments do not.”

Huffington Post. (2013, April 18). Stress-Reducing Colors: Calming Hues To Decorate Your Home With. Retrieved January 29, 2019, from

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Rhino decor – Marshalls Canada
Defuser – Winners Canada
Plant – Origin Concrete Goods
Headboard – Ikea