ALERT: Netflix Recommendation

As this blog touches on self-care methods and other fun home decor and DIY projects, I have to make a recommendation this week! I highly recommend the Netflix original show Queer Eye!

This show is truly heart warming and touches on everything I love and everything that inspired me to start a blog in the first place, all in one episode. The Fab 5 (the 5 gay men that feature in the show) set out every episode on a mission to help improve the life of someone that was nominated by their family or friends.

The premise of the show is that these 5 gay men all have their own specialty in different areas — fashion, food, culture, home decor/renovations, and hair/self-care. These men are so inspiring with what the accomplish with each nominee in a week. They get to know the nominee and their lifestyle, family, career and some of their deepest insecurities and try and move forward in a plausible way with them.

The Fab 5 help the nominees out by styling them in ways that suit their budget (No pun intended Ha!), style and personal goals, make changes to their home that will help them function more efficiently in their everyday life AND fix things they have not have had the money or time to do on their own. The Fab 5 also conquer a fresh hair style for the nominee and teach them affordable and achievable self-care regimens, as well as teaching them how to cook a meal that has some special connection to them, and finally addressing some insecurities in their life and completing an eye-opening activity with the culture expert.

You may wonder why I am recommending this to you, and you may be thinking it is just a make-over show. But I can ASSURE you that the magic that goes on in the week the Queer Eye cast spends with the nominee is inspiring. They touch on so many important points of self-care and how everyone deserves happiness no matter what that happiness may be. They take insecurities and lift them from the low point they have put themselves down to. They touch on amazing life topics such as homophobia in the church, racism, mental-health and addictions and SO SO SO MUCH MORE!

Please check out this show on Netflix it truly is everything I would love to someday encompass in this blog. But until then get a box of tissues because the phenomenal change that these Fab 5 make in peoples lives is a tear-jerker at times and life changing in others.

Header photo credited to: Tyler Feder owner of roaringsoftly on etsy