My(graine) Relief

As promised I am back again with other solutions I use to get through my migraines!

Not only do I use Peppermint Halo from Saje focused on natural wellness but I go into full on attack the migraine mode!

I start off by immediately whipping out the pyjamas and getting comfortable as soon as possible… not a proven remedy but I think its great. From there I begin with my diffuser; I originally purchased my diffuser because I have recently been reading into many carcinogenic chemicals that candles contain.

I decided a diffuser would be a healthier choice for myself and somewhat cost reducing. I always like to have some scent going on in my room so I typically burn through candles pretty quickly. In the long run I feel as though the diffuser is saving me a little, because even though oils can be initially expensive depending on where you buy them – they are so concentrated I only need 5-7 drops and some water to use my diffuser for minimum 4 hours!

Anyways — I usually fill my diffuser with water and add 5-7 drops of peppermint and 5-7 drops of lavender oil. Occasionally, I add a third oil depending on what I am feeling like. If I feel as though my migraine or headache may be sinus related I add around 2 drops of eucalyptus oil for its sinus and respiratory relieving properties.

The peppermint as I spoke about in my last post helps with nausea. Lavender I find is soothing and further aids the feeling of anxiety that migraines cause me. Some others do not like to use lavender during a migraine so this is a personal choice of mine!

Lastly, I have over the past year discovered jade rollers. Jade rollers are pretty much what they sound like, 2 different sized jade stones on each end of a roller. I find this helps with my migraine because the stones usually feel nice and cool to roll all over my face and neck when my head is throbbing (sometimes I put it in the fridge to cool it further). I also find that the rolling of the face relieves the tension that I am feeling in my temples.

I hope you find some remedies that may help you from my post — I have shared other brilliant ideas others have put out there of essential oils blends for diffusers and some jade roller tips on my Pinterest! Click here.

Where I got my products:

  • Peppermint essential oil: Brand – Woolzies Purchased at – Winners Canada
  • Lavender essential oil: Brand – Bleu Lavande Purchased at – Costco
  • Diffuser: Brand – Zen Purchased at – Winners Canada
  • Jade Roller: Purchased at – Marshalls Canada

Migraine Madness

There is nothing I dislike more than having a headache – even worse.. a migraine. This weekend I suffered from the worst migraine I have ever had. With that being said I have not experienced them often before, so when I get them I can not stand it!

My migraine this time lasted 3 days straight, cold and sinus medication, aspirin and sleep provided me no relief. AND to boot I was away for the weekend and did not have my usual remedies!

As soon as I got home I applied my saving grace PEPPERMINT HALO! Peppermint Halo is a product from Saje, a store focused on natural wellness mainly using essential oils. I wanted to share this product because it has worked like nothing else I have ever used before. It comes in a roller and should be applied to your temples, back of your neck and hair line.

This product provides a burning, cooling and almost tingling sensation all at once! I find this combination of reactions takes away from the shooting and throbbing pain of a headache and gives a soothing radiance over my head. Peppermint is also great for calming nausea – and for those that experience migraines and headaches you know nausea often comes along with it!

Come back for my post this Thursday on other migraine relief strategies!