Happy Galentine’s Day!!!

Valentine’s day is the one major day every year where people go nuts to show their love for their significant other. Social media blows up with appreciation posts and every where you go there is themed treats, flowers and more.

Do not get me wrong I love my S.O. and I love showing him appreciation and spoiling him! But I think valentine’s day should be about all the people you love in your life!!

This year I gave that a try and I highly suggest it for a good day with guys or gals — hence Galentine’s Day. To have a little appreciation celebration my roommates and I exchanged valentine cards expressing our appreciation (we are becoming quite sentimental as we are moving out this year after years of living together). Then we decided to have a cute, relaxed pancake breakfast before we left for our busy days.

This was such a nice way to set aside some time to spend together and have sometime for some roomie appreciation, instead of focusing the entire day on our S.O.’s. We even spoiled ourselves and got matching valentine’s pyjamas!

Thought I would put an alternative out there for those of you that like to spread the appreciation. OR an alternative for those of you that may be anti-valentine’s day because of the S.O. theme! Give it a try, treat yourself and your pals!