International Women’s Day

Welcome back everyone! The end of this week has a very special day coming up… and I bet you can tell what it is from the title!

International Women’s Day has become such an exciting day for me throughout the last few years but first let me speak to something I have noticed…. Like I said in a previous post about Valentine’s day, National Women’s Day has also become commercialized. I was shopping in my local Longos which was advertising the sale of tulips and various other flowers for INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY.

This advertisement some what irritated me in the sense that I don’t think that every women would appreciate flowers for International Women’s Day AND that is a very stereotypical promotion. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying it only happens to women, I see the sales out there on tools on Father’s Day — why aren’t candles also on sale for Father’s Day or something else outside of the gender norm??

International Women’s Day has become exciting for me because I love seeing all the incredible work that women have put out into the world being celebrated! It is so amazing to see across the board the celebration of the lives of women and the successes they have been acknowledged for.

Personally, I look at International Women’s Day as such an opportunity to for those that are feminists to put their word out there and be heard because it is a day to celebrate women. Beautiful art work like the pieces below are shared across social media and give an alternate understanding to feminism.

What I mean by this is that I think so many people both men and women out there believe that feminists are just mad at men — when really the premise is equality between men and women and supporting each other as women instead of tearing each other down. And this is why I get excited about the day because I believe International Women’s Day is a day where support for each other shines!

So yes, you can and should buy a special women in your life flowers on International Women’s Day but maybe also take the initiative to spread the positivity and recognize a women for her unique talents, strengths and abilities as well!

All of the pictures above are not my own and original sources can be found on my Pinterest board

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Alex Cutting

21 year old University of Guelph Student looking to make a difference in someones day!

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