Migraine Madness

There is nothing I dislike more than having a headache – even worse.. a migraine. This weekend I suffered from the worst migraine I have ever had. With that being said I have not experienced them often before, so when I get them I can not stand it!

My migraine this time lasted 3 days straight, cold and sinus medication, aspirin and sleep provided me no relief. AND to boot I was away for the weekend and did not have my usual remedies!

As soon as I got home I applied my saving grace PEPPERMINT HALO! Peppermint Halo is a product from Saje, a store focused on natural wellness mainly using essential oils. I wanted to share this product because it has worked like nothing else I have ever used before. It comes in a roller and should be applied to your temples, back of your neck and hair line.

This product provides a burning, cooling and almost tingling sensation all at once! I find this combination of reactions takes away from the shooting and throbbing pain of a headache and gives a soothing radiance over my head. Peppermint is also great for calming nausea – and for those that experience migraines and headaches you know nausea often comes along with it!

Come back for my post this Thursday on other migraine relief strategies!

Published by

Alex Cutting

21 year old University of Guelph Student looking to make a difference in someones day!

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