Bullet Journaling

Hello again everyone, its me back again with another way I find helpful to carry out a positive lifestyle. This technique very much involves being reflective and becoming more self-aware.

It is likely you have heard of this journaling technique before but I would love to share more about it with you, Bullet Journaling. Bullet Journaling can be as creative or as simple as you want it to be and can cover so many aspects of life. That is my favourite part about this form of journaling because it is actually fun to partake in and prompts you to reflect on so many things.

What are these so many things you may be wondering? Well Bullet Journals can include a weekly agenda or a monthly calendar that can include anything from “to do” lists or actual journal entries. Bullet journals can also help you track things such as your spending and budgets for the month in a tangible way by creating charts that can track your spending.

It can also be used to track your mood which is very important for checking in on your mental health. These mood charts like I said before can be created as simply or creatively as you would like, some involve a coloured legend and you just have to colour in the box to describe your mood of the day.

Bullet Journals are also great to track your dreams and hobbies, for example I have a list of all the places I have travelled and all of the places I would love to travel. I also included a page which if you are a binge watcher like me is very important.. I have created a page dedicated to a list of every TV series I have watched.

You can also use it for other useful purposes such as making a cleaning log, so you can make a list of what should be done weekly, bi-weekly and monthly for example. ie. Wash bed sheets weekly, clean make-up brushes bi-weekly, monthly dust the house. Another great idea for the journal is a page dedicated to birthdays, so you are never forgetting your mother’s birthday!!

All an all I think Bullet Journals are a great way to test out your creativity and become more self-aware and mindful. I find for myself this technique really helps my anxious feelings because it gives me a creative outlet and I have control over what goes on in my journal. I really hope you give it a try, I reposted Bullet Journal examples and you can find many more prompts shared on my Pinterest if you click here.

Header photo is credited to: justbrightideas.com

ALERT: Netflix Recommendation

As this blog touches on self-care methods and other fun home decor and DIY projects, I have to make a recommendation this week! I highly recommend the Netflix original show Queer Eye!

This show is truly heart warming and touches on everything I love and everything that inspired me to start a blog in the first place, all in one episode. The Fab 5 (the 5 gay men that feature in the show) set out every episode on a mission to help improve the life of someone that was nominated by their family or friends.

The premise of the show is that these 5 gay men all have their own specialty in different areas — fashion, food, culture, home decor/renovations, and hair/self-care. These men are so inspiring with what the accomplish with each nominee in a week. They get to know the nominee and their lifestyle, family, career and some of their deepest insecurities and try and move forward in a plausible way with them.

The Fab 5 help the nominees out by styling them in ways that suit their budget (No pun intended Ha!), style and personal goals, make changes to their home that will help them function more efficiently in their everyday life AND fix things they have not have had the money or time to do on their own. The Fab 5 also conquer a fresh hair style for the nominee and teach them affordable and achievable self-care regimens, as well as teaching them how to cook a meal that has some special connection to them, and finally addressing some insecurities in their life and completing an eye-opening activity with the culture expert.

You may wonder why I am recommending this to you, and you may be thinking it is just a make-over show. But I can ASSURE you that the magic that goes on in the week the Queer Eye cast spends with the nominee is inspiring. They touch on so many important points of self-care and how everyone deserves happiness no matter what that happiness may be. They take insecurities and lift them from the low point they have put themselves down to. They touch on amazing life topics such as homophobia in the church, racism, mental-health and addictions and SO SO SO MUCH MORE!

Please check out this show on Netflix it truly is everything I would love to someday encompass in this blog. But until then get a box of tissues because the phenomenal change that these Fab 5 make in peoples lives is a tear-jerker at times and life changing in others.

Header photo credited to: Tyler Feder owner of roaringsoftly on etsy

Living with Loss

Hi again everyone, this blog primarily focuses on the things I do and enjoy to live a positive life. Unfortunately, a part of life is loss and something I have been experiencing an immense amount of lately. Five months ago I lost my grandfather who has always been my very best friend, and less than a week ago I lost my grandmother.

I know that it is a tough topic to talk about but it is something I am learning to cope with in order to attempt to bounce back and continue living a positive, healthy lifestyle.

I have attended bereavement meetings with the my roommate who is also suffering from loss in her life, and from these meetings and some help of a school counsellor I have learned some coping mechanisms that I would love to share in the case that you are also living with loss..

Often, I find myself distracted when I have very important tasks to achieve – whether it be school or work. I find myself distracted with thoughts of the past with my grandparents or memories that I never want to let go of. A coping mechanism that has really helped me with these thoughts is journaling.

I was taught that when you are distracted by one of these thoughts, to write it down somewhere so you do not let it go — but return to it later. Set out time in your day or week to reflect on these thoughts you are having.

Maybe right down the memory in a journal and expand on those thoughts. This has really helped me to set out a time to cope in a healthy way by not spending my entire day with a feeling of loss. This allows me to spend more meaningful time reflecting on the memories that I love and releasing other feelings.

Another thing I have found to help myself cope is carrying a momento of theirs around with me. One of my hardest parts of living with loss is the feeling that the person I love is all of a sudden not there.

Carrying a momento around with me makes this feeling of sudden loss a little quieter in my life as it makes me feel as though they are with me in some way. For my grandpa, I carry his fingerprint copied onto a medallion, as a necklace.

Although very simple, I hope that one of these pieces of advice may help you in any little way with loss you may have experienced in your life.

It would be my greatest honour to dedicate this post to my lovely grandparents, may you forever rest easy and peacefully. Until I see you again.. Bye for now.
Love always, Alex

International Women’s Day

Welcome back everyone! The end of this week has a very special day coming up… and I bet you can tell what it is from the title!

International Women’s Day has become such an exciting day for me throughout the last few years but first let me speak to something I have noticed…. Like I said in a previous post about Valentine’s day, National Women’s Day has also become commercialized. I was shopping in my local Longos which was advertising the sale of tulips and various other flowers for INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY.

This advertisement some what irritated me in the sense that I don’t think that every women would appreciate flowers for International Women’s Day AND that is a very stereotypical promotion. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying it only happens to women, I see the sales out there on tools on Father’s Day — why aren’t candles also on sale for Father’s Day or something else outside of the gender norm??

International Women’s Day has become exciting for me because I love seeing all the incredible work that women have put out into the world being celebrated! It is so amazing to see across the board the celebration of the lives of women and the successes they have been acknowledged for.

Personally, I look at International Women’s Day as such an opportunity to for those that are feminists to put their word out there and be heard because it is a day to celebrate women. Beautiful art work like the pieces below are shared across social media and give an alternate understanding to feminism.

What I mean by this is that I think so many people both men and women out there believe that feminists are just mad at men — when really the premise is equality between men and women and supporting each other as women instead of tearing each other down. And this is why I get excited about the day because I believe International Women’s Day is a day where support for each other shines!

So yes, you can and should buy a special women in your life flowers on International Women’s Day but maybe also take the initiative to spread the positivity and recognize a women for her unique talents, strengths and abilities as well!

All of the pictures above are not my own and original sources can be found on my Pinterest board

Make your room lively with living decor

Welcome back everyone! My past posts have been related to the ways in which I find room decor and design can make you a more zen person. Today’s blog is going to be about the ways in which I like to brighten my room with living decor — plants!

Making plant pieces for your room or house can be as cheap or as expensive as you would like, and that is one of its biggest decor perks. I have made a few example pieces with my roommates for our home to give everyone a little how to..

  • First we started with a bowl that we already had available to us in our home. This is one of the perks of having plant decor, because you can put it in something as simple as a cute tea cup, mug or even mason jar! (We have also made one with some of the plants in the photos and used an old candle holder)
  • We then purchased succulent soil which was about $5 at Canadian Tire for us. I have in the past had successful succulent plants with regular potting soil (from the dollar store actually!!)
  • From there we purchased a few succulent plants from a local shop called PLANT in downtown Guelph, ON.. I have found there are many shops like it usually in downtown areas — Walmart and Canadian Tire also have really cute and affordable small plants and succulents
  • Succulents usually run around $3-8 depending on the size and type. I think succulents are the best idea for room decor because they do not require much care which is nice if you are a student or busy person like myself!
  • Succulents are also a great idea because they are small but usually very dynamic and create a greenery look for your bedroom or home without being to much or to messy!
  • From there we planted the succulents we chose in our bowl and made sure they were surrounded and supported by the dirt. We chose to decorate with small river rocks which can also be found at the dollar store or craft stores.
  • Decorating or making a theme to your living decor piece is the most fun and personal part of the process other than picking out your plants. We chose to use simple white sand and river rocks but feel free to get more elaborate. Some people have chosen to even theme in little fairy gardens or gnome homes! I have shared many more ideas to my Pinterest board from other creators.

Plants are a great choice for home and room decor, especially succulents if you are like myself and are not looking for more than a couple waterings a week! Plants add brightness and greenery to a room that I believe uplifts my mood and makes me feel grounded. Give it a try and always feel free to share your attempts with me!

Happy Galentine’s Day!!!

Valentine’s day is the one major day every year where people go nuts to show their love for their significant other. Social media blows up with appreciation posts and every where you go there is themed treats, flowers and more.

Do not get me wrong I love my S.O. and I love showing him appreciation and spoiling him! But I think valentine’s day should be about all the people you love in your life!!

This year I gave that a try and I highly suggest it for a good day with guys or gals — hence Galentine’s Day. To have a little appreciation celebration my roommates and I exchanged valentine cards expressing our appreciation (we are becoming quite sentimental as we are moving out this year after years of living together). Then we decided to have a cute, relaxed pancake breakfast before we left for our busy days.

This was such a nice way to set aside some time to spend together and have sometime for some roomie appreciation, instead of focusing the entire day on our S.O.’s. We even spoiled ourselves and got matching valentine’s pyjamas!

Thought I would put an alternative out there for those of you that like to spread the appreciation. OR an alternative for those of you that may be anti-valentine’s day because of the S.O. theme! Give it a try, treat yourself and your pals!

My(graine) Relief

As promised I am back again with other solutions I use to get through my migraines!

Not only do I use Peppermint Halo from Saje focused on natural wellness but I go into full on attack the migraine mode!

I start off by immediately whipping out the pyjamas and getting comfortable as soon as possible… not a proven remedy but I think its great. From there I begin with my diffuser; I originally purchased my diffuser because I have recently been reading into many carcinogenic chemicals that candles contain.

I decided a diffuser would be a healthier choice for myself and somewhat cost reducing. I always like to have some scent going on in my room so I typically burn through candles pretty quickly. In the long run I feel as though the diffuser is saving me a little, because even though oils can be initially expensive depending on where you buy them – they are so concentrated I only need 5-7 drops and some water to use my diffuser for minimum 4 hours!

Anyways — I usually fill my diffuser with water and add 5-7 drops of peppermint and 5-7 drops of lavender oil. Occasionally, I add a third oil depending on what I am feeling like. If I feel as though my migraine or headache may be sinus related I add around 2 drops of eucalyptus oil for its sinus and respiratory relieving properties.

The peppermint as I spoke about in my last post helps with nausea. Lavender I find is soothing and further aids the feeling of anxiety that migraines cause me. Some others do not like to use lavender during a migraine so this is a personal choice of mine!

Lastly, I have over the past year discovered jade rollers. Jade rollers are pretty much what they sound like, 2 different sized jade stones on each end of a roller. I find this helps with my migraine because the stones usually feel nice and cool to roll all over my face and neck when my head is throbbing (sometimes I put it in the fridge to cool it further). I also find that the rolling of the face relieves the tension that I am feeling in my temples.

I hope you find some remedies that may help you from my post — I have shared other brilliant ideas others have put out there of essential oils blends for diffusers and some jade roller tips on my Pinterest! Click here.

Where I got my products:

  • Peppermint essential oil: Brand – Woolzies Purchased at – Winners Canada
  • Lavender essential oil: Brand – Bleu Lavande Purchased at – Costco
  • Diffuser: Brand – Zen Purchased at – Winners Canada
  • Jade Roller: Purchased at – Marshalls Canada

Migraine Madness

There is nothing I dislike more than having a headache – even worse.. a migraine. This weekend I suffered from the worst migraine I have ever had. With that being said I have not experienced them often before, so when I get them I can not stand it!

My migraine this time lasted 3 days straight, cold and sinus medication, aspirin and sleep provided me no relief. AND to boot I was away for the weekend and did not have my usual remedies!

As soon as I got home I applied my saving grace PEPPERMINT HALO! Peppermint Halo is a product from Saje, a store focused on natural wellness mainly using essential oils. I wanted to share this product because it has worked like nothing else I have ever used before. It comes in a roller and should be applied to your temples, back of your neck and hair line.

This product provides a burning, cooling and almost tingling sensation all at once! I find this combination of reactions takes away from the shooting and throbbing pain of a headache and gives a soothing radiance over my head. Peppermint is also great for calming nausea – and for those that experience migraines and headaches you know nausea often comes along with it!

Come back for my post this Thursday on other migraine relief strategies!

Calming Colours

My last post spoke about getting my s#!it together by doing little things in my day such as making my bed — this post will speak to my colour scheme strategy.

I have painted my room both at home and in my student house plenty of times. But for years I would not give up the colours princess pink and after that a hot pink – almost red.

Moving to university my residence room was white brick and I had decided instead of my black comforter at home I would go for a lighter look. In my new room I paired the white walls with a green, blue and white comforter and decor. This made a world of change for me, just like making my bed did!

When I moved into my student house in my second year, I set out a design plan. I researched other colour schemes that had proven to give a relaxing/calming affect. The colour scheme I settled on for my room — blue, grey and white. This changed my room tremendously – it felt SO much more bright and tranquil! These colours give such a soothing coolness to the room and keep me much more focused!!

I have learned the following from Colour Affects – Link here!

  • Blue – serenity, soothing, calming, coolness and can help with concentration
  • Grey – Neutrality
  • Violet – Spiritual, higher level of thought,
  • Green – Balance, refreshment, rest, harmony
  • White – Clarity, purity, cleanliness, simplicity

“A Minnesota State University study found that red environments increase stress responses, while green and white environments do not.”

Huffington Post. (2013, April 18). Stress-Reducing Colors: Calming Hues To Decorate Your Home With. Retrieved January 29, 2019, from https://www.huffpost.com/entry/stress-reducing-colors_n_3102683

Check out my Pinterest for more calming room colour scheme ideas!
(All posts are reposts I am not the creator of any ideas on my Pinterest – just sharing the love!)

Rhino decor – Marshalls Canada
Defuser – Winners Canada
Plant – Origin Concrete Goods
Headboard – Ikea

Making my bed makes me feel like I have my s#!t together

I have found that being in university and most other walks of life can feel hectic all of the time. Sometimes things never seem to go right – you forget your coffee on the counter at home, you spill on your outfit at lunch or you just can’t seem to get anything but a rude customer that day. While all of these things may seem little, sometimes they just add up to get you down.

One thing I have found that creates happiness for me regardless of any of those situations happening throughout my day, is making my bed. Making my bed used to feel as though it was a chore.

NOW making my bed in the morning makes me feel like I have already started my day off with a fresh and positive kick. It also gives me a productive start to my day because instead of crawling back into my bed to procrastinate with JUST 5 MORE MINUTES, I leave my bed nicely made and start my morning.

It might sound silly – I know! – but coming home at the end of the day after the world tries to get you down, to a nicely made bed feels SO refreshing. Pealing your covers back almost feels as though you are staying in a freshly made hotel bed every night.

Give it a try for at least a week and I can guarantee your life will feel just the tiniest bit more organized and refreshed at the end of the day!